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Who should visit Colorectal Clinic

  • 1.  Abodominal pain specially lower abdomen
  • 2.  Anal area Pain/ pain with stools
  • 3.  Anal itching/burning
  • 4.  Bleeding wiht stools (Rectal bleeding)
  • 5.   Chnage in bowel habit
  • 6.   Constipation
  • 7.   Diarrhea
  • 8.   Pus from anal area
  • 9.   Piles (Haeorrhoids)
  • 10.   Irritable bowel stnfrome
  • 11.   Inflammatory bowel
  • 12.   Disease, colitis, Cohn's disease
  • 13.   Suspected Colorectal
  • 14.   Cancer / Family history of bowel cancer or polyps

Treatments of Piles

  • Piles: Banding Haemorrhoidal artery ligation - Pianless non-surgical treatment MIPH (Minimal Invasive Piles Staples Surgery)
  • Hemorrhoidectomy: Open Piles surgery - Required in 2 % of case
  • Fissure: Creams / Botox / Lateral sphincterotomy / Flaps Pilonidal sinus Excision and closure / Rotational flaps Anal abscess.
  • Fistula: In ano Anal polyps / warts Rectal prolapse

Our Facilities

Our Impeccable Team

We at Ashray have a team of medical professionals known for their knowledge and their experience who are supported by our passionate and compassionate support staff.

24 Hrs Ambulance

As they say any accident or illness comes at the most unexpected of times we are here with our 24 hours Ambulance to assist you in every possible way.

Special Nurses

Special nurse services can be arranged through Nursing , master of human happiness.

State of the Art Facility

We have an state of the art facility installed which helps us cure you better and makes it simple for both parties to deal with the patient.